The way to live in Ciudad Patricia is the purchase of the usufruct “uso vitalicio”, this means that you buy the lifelong right to live in the apartment. You don’t have to worry about the increasing rent and the price is considerably lower than when you should buy a apartment. You don’t have to pay conveyance tax.

The price depends on your age and the choice of your apartment. Our price list is based on 65 year-old persons. For each year that you are older we give you a discount of € 3.500, - and for each year you are younger you have to pay an extra of € 3.500, -. The average price for a 85 m2 apartment is € 175.000 for a 65 years-old person. When you are 75 years old you pay an average of € 140.000. In case two persons live in an apartment, the age of the youngest will be the base to calculate the price of the lifetime right of use.

You are free to end the contract at any time. There is a table for refunds for repayment in case you end early your contract. For the percentages, please Click here

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